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Animamigrante (1993), 5/10
Fattall… (1994), 3/10
Sanacore (1995), 6.5/10
Lingo (1998), 5/10
4/4 (2000), 6/10

Almamegretta coined a new form of world-music with an ambitious encyclopedic revision of traditional codes that bridged the ancient folk tradition of Napoli (Naples), electronic dance music, dub production techniques and Middle-Eastern scales.

The EP Figli di Annibale (1992) and debut album Animamigrante (1993) enhanced the group's melody (skillfully delivered by vocalist Raiss) with arrangements that borrowed elements of funk, reggae, pop sprayed them all with atmospheric electronics. After Fattall… (1994), an awful collection of rarities, the group found a magic balance of all those elements on Sanacore (1995), a work that was more electronic and drenched in the sound of dub music. Lingo (1998) pushed the envelop in several directions, but had to work with much weaker material. 4/4 (2000) returned the band to a high level of musicianship, but the vocalist left after Imaginaria (2001).

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