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Dark Ages Of Reason , 7/10
Cantar De Procella , 6/10
The Last Embrace , 6/10
Sophia: Sophia , 6/10
Sophia: Herbstwerk , 5/10
Inner Pale Sun, 6/10
Le Serpent Rouge (2007) , 5/10
Raspail (2008), 5/10
Sophia: Spite , 5/10

Arcana are a duo from Sweden: Peter Pettersson (samplers and synthesizers) and Ida Bengtsson (vocals). Pettersson started the project in 1993. The Song of Mourning introduced their neoclassical, symphonic, gothic music that on Dark Ages Of Reason (Cold Meat Industry, 1996) reached sublime heights.

Cantar De Procella (Cold Meat Industry, 1998) and the single Lizabeth perfected the method, bringing more light to the tenebrae.

The Last Embrace (Cold Meat Industry, 1999) and the single Isabel moved towards a medieval sound reminiscent of Dead Can Dance.

Peter Pettersson later founded Sophia and released Sophia (Cold Meat Industry, 2000), Herbstwerk (Cold Meat Industry, 2001) and Spite (CMI, 2002). The former's highlight is the lengthy suite Sigillum Militium, a progressive-rock work with the gothic, medieval, symphonic, emphatic overtones of Arcana. The latter exaggerates in the use of rolling battlefield drums.

Arcana's Inner Pale Sun (Cold Meat Industry, 2003), the first album after Ann-Mari Thim replaced Ida Bengtsson, marked an elegant return to the original sound (We Rise Above).

The New Light collects rarities.

Le Serpent Rouge (2007) and Raspail (2008) were too derivative of Dead Can Dance to be considered anything but tributes.

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