Bentley Rhythm Ace
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Bentley Rhythm Ace , 6/10
For Your Years Only , 5/10

Bentley Rhythm Ace are Mike Stokes and Richard Marsch (former bassist for Pop Will Eat Itself). Their goal is to make dance-music fun again. Where the Chemical Brothers are merely amusing, the Bentley Rhythm Ace are clowns. Their sense of humour is only partly expressed via the lyrics. Samples help. So does the funk that propels most of their numbers. The first single was the nonsensical This Is Carbootechnogisco.

Technically and artistically, Bentley Rhythm Ace (Skint, 1997) is ten years behind, but the catchy singles (Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out and Whoosh) and the cartoonish jams (On Her Majesty's Secret Whistle) contributed to renovate a scene that was dying. Let There Be Flutes also stands out.

Samples dominate For Your Years Only (Parlophone, 2000), but the joke gets boring after Theme From Gutbuster. If nothing else, Fatboy Slim does it better.

In the meantime, another former Pop Will Eat Itself, drummer Fuzzy Townshend, joined the line-up.

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