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Bionaut: Frugivore , 6/10
Bionaut: Ethik , 6/10
Bionaut: Lush Life Electronica , 6/10
Burger/ink: Burger Industries , 5/10
Burger/ink: Las Vegas , 6/10
Bionaut: Please Teenage , 6/10
Bionaut: Friends , 5/10

Bionaut is Joerg Burger, a German electronic musician from Cologne, who is also active as Burger/ink, Modernist, Trinkwasser, Geometric Farms.

Burger's career in the world of dance-music began in 1988, but his recorded career began with a bunch of singles and the album Frugivore (Eat Raw, 1993). Burger's warm, melodic minimalism , structured in short vignettes a` la Brian Eno, introduced a new element to dance/trance music. The results were vaguely psychedelic and certainly not as emphatic and pounding as mainstream techno (see the subliminal world-music of Strawberry).
Tracks: Strawberry, Grape, Melon, Pineapple, Apricot, Cherry, Orange, Banana, Plum, Lemon, Apple, Peach, Coconut,

Ethik (Eat Raw, 1993) finds a marvelous balance between "light" and "austere". The minimalism of P. Bateman and Bluebelle is imbued with tender, delicate feelings and soars with the elegance of a feather.
Tracks: The Tulip Theme, Bluebelle, Moral Sculpture , Coral Caves , Surface , Trump Tower , Monologue 1, The Glass Dome, P. Bateman , Sascha The Flower Thief.

Ethik II (1994) was a collaboration with Cristian Vogel, Thomas Heckmann, Air Liquide and others.

Lush Life Electronica (Harvest, 1995) got even closer to mainstream pop music. The lounge-oriented funk-soul of Lubricate Your Living Room is an apt manifesto. Vitagraph sounds almost like Isaac Hayes' orchestral soul. Electric Campfire weds that spirit to avantgarde and achieves something akin to the subdued, casual tone of Robert Ashley's conversational operas. One of his best trances, Lush Life Electronica, The theme of Student Bashing At The Seaside sounds like something from a tv show of the Sixties. Throughout the album, Burger makes an interesting use of the drums.
Tracks: 4 Letter Words In Mixed Company, Lubricate Your Living Room, Lush Life Electronica, Ingenieur Mars, Second Hand Furniture, The Receipe, Vitagraph, I Sing The Body Electric, Student Bashing At The Seaside, The Juicy Reminder, Naomi H. Et Le Monde Irre‚l, Memphis Scifi, Electric Campfire.

The standout on Please Teenage (Harvest, 1996) is the lounge and film music of Theme From Please Teenage.
Tracks: Theme From Please Teenage, Lubricate Your Living Room, Chemiker Null , Student Bashing At The Seaside, Bruder Easy , Rastafakai Meets The King In Yellow , Wimpy Ubertrooper On Parade , Kinderland , Cherry, Theme From Please Teenage, M. Higher's Pops.

The EP Wild Horse Anne As Herself (Harvest, 1997) added I Wish I Was Tied To Bertha, the robotic ballett of Wild Horse Annie As Herself, the childish and soothing music-box theme of Der Kurze Weg and Blue & Green, that sounds like one of Tonto's Expanding Head Band's synth-based melodies.

Burger/ink was born with Burger Industries (Structure, 1995). Tracks: Kosher Delight, Chelsea Girls, Interstate 10, The Walkthrough, Idee, 30.okt. 1970, Mushroom, Sascha The Flower Thief, Back To Jack, Fountain Of Love, My Favourite Vitamine, My Mike Is Your Mike & Your Mike Is Mine, Die Wueste W„chst.

Las Vegas (Harvest, 1996) continued the Burger/ink experiment. Tracks: Avalon, Elvism, Flesh & Bleed, Twelve Miles High, Milk & Honey, Bring Trance Back, The Jealous Guy From Memphis, Love Is The Drug, Do The Strand, Swiss Made.

Modernist has published the singles Dali Bop Horizon, Mrs. New Deal, Opportunity Knox (1997), Orange Coloured Sky, Architainment (1999).

Trinkwasser has published the EP Cobra (HArvest, 1997), containing Wie Wenig Du Weisst, Gelbes Sonnenbrillenglas, Dankesch”n.Klasse and Monaco Underground, and the single Extraleben (1999).

Friends (Harvest, 1999), the new Bionaut album, is a series of collaborations.
Tracks: Rickenbacker Elektro, Wunschmaschinenpark, Der Kurze Weg, Interlude W/brian, Sparring Partner, Aquamarine Reprise, Un Buon Domani Fratello, Wild Horse Annie As Herself, Weird Wired World, Good-bye-onaut, Tied To Bertha.

Lubricate Your Living-Room (Matador, 2001) compiles tracks released between 1993 and 1997 on the six Bionaut albums.

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