Luka Bloom

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The Irish folksinger Barry Moore (brother of Irish legend Christy) moved in 1988 to New York and changed his name to Luka Bloom. Riverside (Reprise, 1990) is the album of a modern, urban singer-songwriter, hardly related to his Celtic roots. Thanks to tasty arrangements (Jane Scarpantoni's cello), a powerful voice, and intriguing lyrics, This Is For Life, Gone To Pablo and Delirious managed to connect with a generation and a country that weren't his.

He returned to Ireland and started his major career with The Acoustic Motorbike (Reprise, 1992), an album that, contrary to the title, is arranged with a drum machine and absorbs influences such as rap. The denser and moodier arrangements lend the album a more contemporary feeling, but also make it less personal.

A sparser, more intimate Turf (Reprise, 1994) seemed to apologize to his audience.

Unfortunately, he was soon forgotten by the press that had heralded him as one of the most original voices of the new generation of singer-songwriters, despite the fact that Salty Heaven (Shanachie, 1999) features some of his most elaborate and innovative compositions: the jazzy The Hungry Ghost, the orchestral Water Ballerina and the lengthy epic on the Irish migration Forgiveness.

Between The Mountain And The Moon (Skip, 2001) is a collection of covers.

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