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Australian quartet Bluetile were disciples of Codeine's slo-core on Lowercase (1995), a collection of lengthy dreamy pieces. The somnolent and spaced-out Wriding (7:57) sets the pace (literally). The sound of GM (9:38) is pale and gray, the rhythm borders on slow-motion. A little bit of color and warmth appears in The Weight (9:21), and some movement takes place in Ambered (12:02), which initially is barely alive, barely breathing, but then soars in a quasi-religious crescendo.

Half-Cut (Smells Like, 1998) opens with a much more vibrant (and distorted) song, Liner, but then plunges into the post-psychedelic depression of the 12-minute Hiding To Crash. The songs plod along with little or no variation, more or less hypnotic (L.T.D.) and with the rare burst of life (the eleven-minute Old Star).

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