BMX Bandits
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C86 , 5/10
Star Wars , 5/10
Life Goes On , 5/10
Gettin' Dirty , 4/10
Theme Park , 4/10

Scottish singer Douglas Stewart, the brain behind BMX Bandits, has been a protagonist of the Scottish alt-pop scene since the mid 1980s. The monicker "BMX Bandits" was born for a collaboration with Sean Dickson (Soup Dragons), but the first full-length, C86 (Click, 1990 - Elephant, 1997), was recorded with a line-up that included future Teenage Fanclub and Eugenius members. The standout tunes, Disco Boy, Your Class and Whirlpool, pale in comparison with the singles that preceded it: E102 (53rd & 3rd, 1986), The Day Before Tomorrow (53rd & 3rd, 1986), Figure 4 (53rd & 3rd, 1988), etc. The singles will be later collected on 53rd and 3rd Years (Avalanche, 1999).

Come Clean and Think Tank are the highlights of Star Wars (Vinyl Japan, 1991), that also adds Eugene Kelly (Vaselines) to the line-up.

The single Serious Drugs again beats hands down the best songs on the mini-album Gordon Keen (Sunflower, 1992), namely Kylie's Got A Crush On Us (the rest are mostly covers or old tracks).

Life Goes On (Creation, 1993) recycles the last two singles and offers a few new covers. The single Little Hands is inferior.

Gettin' Dirty (Creation, 1995) and That Summer Feeling try to adapt to modern Brit-pop, with mixed results.

Stewart's solo Frankenstein (Vinyl Japani, 1996) does not fare better.

Help Me Somebody (Shoeshine, 1996) and We're Gonna Shake You Down (Creation, 1996) are the singles of the Theme Park (Big Deal, 1996) era. The album still excels at folk-rock (Girl Next Door) and easy listening pop (Love Makes the World Go Round), but not at original ideas.

Hidden Agenda At The 13th Note (Receiver, 1997) is a collaboration with Kim Fowley. That Kind Of Girl (1998) is the subsequent single.

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