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Whirlpool , 5/10
Blood Music , 4/10

Chapterhouse formed in Reading (England) and went through the usual Brit-pop initiation ritual with the singles Freefall (1990), Sunburst (1990) and Pearl, religiously collected in Whirlpool (Dedicated, 1991 - Cherry Red, 2006). That brand of pop was slightly more shoegazing than the average, (Breather, Treasure, Guilt), and occasionally danceable, but nothing to write home about. The future laid in the anomalous track, Falling Down, that took an acid-house beat and sent its refrain spiraling around it.

Blood Music (Dedicated, 1993 - Cherry Red, 2008) pulled them out of the overcrowded Brit-pop field and launched them in the discos. Electronic keyboards, samples and drum machines overcome the melodies of Summer's Gone, On The Way To Fly, Greater Power, etc. The standout track is the guitar-driven We Are The Beautiful.

This incarnation of Chapterhouse collapsed the same way the first one had and the band dissolved for good.

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