Hans Christian
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German cellist and bassist Hans Christian played all instruments on his debut album, Phantoms (Paraiso, 1994), running the gamut from neoclassical to folk like Mike Oldfield did a generation before.
Tracks: Backwards, Coyote's Dance, Lindenflowers and Carnations, Phantoms, Atlantis, Desperado, Arabesque, Scattered, In the Pews, The Sacrifice, Aftermath.

The multi-ethnic poutpourri of Surrender (1996) continued the journey although with less imagination.
Tracks: Surrender, Tears for Ma, Shades of Blue, Shrouded, Capricorn Child, Reflections, Matritamah, Vulkanmusik, Rapture.

Christian eventually reached the contemplative and indulgent new-age music of The Lake (1996).

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