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Now , 5/10
Electronic Sound Constructions , 4/10
Collected Songs , 4/10
By The Roads And The Fields (2003), 5/10

Crescent is a project launched by Matt Jones of Bristol's Movietone. Their debut singles, Lost (Planet, 1994) and Sun (Planet, 1994), sound like stately garage-rock played by Spacemen 3. Jones plays guitar and fronts a rock quartet on Now (Atavistic, 1996), that serves more convoluted compositions, such as Exit and Light Will Pour From Our Eyes. The aim of the band is not clear, though, as their noise-rock does not coalesce in a "style". And Jones' vocals are not exactly engaging (a dull imitation of Joy Division's Curtis).

The question mark remains after listening to Electronic Sound Constructions (Snapshot, 1997), which is de facto Jones' first solo album. Jones plays all instruments and employs tape loops, but the music is amateurish and pointless, especially for ambitious tracks like the 14-minute Philicorda Loops and the industrial mess Quince Flowers.

Collected Songs (Roomtone, 1999) collects material written between 1995 and 1998 and performed by a group of friends. It feels like a demo of early Joy Division.

After a four-year hiatus, By The Roads And The Fields (Fat Cat, 2003) presented a new project, busy merging slocore and lounge jazz, Talk Talk and Tortoise. It is an ambitious endeavour that takes Jones through stream of consciousness (Structure and Form), chamber music (Straight Line), dissonant jazz (Mica), post-rock (New Leaves), the Velvet Underground (River Debris) Joy Division (Spring), etc. But, ultimately, the matter remains inert and cold, never assuming a warm, organic form that would give meaning to the formidable display of ingredients.

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