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Renko (1991)
Seabourne West (1995) , 6/10
Weeps (1996) , 7/10
Happy Traum , 5/10

Daryll-Ann (featuring male vocalist Jelle Paulusma and guitarist Anne Soldaat, who is a male despite the female name) debuted with Renko (Solid, 1991) but were revealed by two singles, later collected on the EP Daryll-Ann (Vernon Yard, 1994): Come Around (Hut), a country-rock ballad that soars in a Merseybeat-ian chorus in a way that the Kinks would have loved, and the pleasant electric ballad I Could Never Love You. What was unique about their melodic style was the unlikely fusion of vocal harmonies a` la Hollies and neurotic folk a` la Neil Young.

The album Seabourne West (Vernon Yard, 1995) continued their implosion of country-rock (Sheila) and folk-rock stereotypes.

Weeps (1996), one of the most lyrical albums of the era, Tracks: Tools R Us, Always Share, A Proper Line, Mean Love, Sheeszalitch, Springfever, Scott and Lesley, Tremble Forte, Safe Beef, Elegy, April, Summerdaze, Rollercoaster, My Only World, Ocean Drive, Dustyfied,

However, Happy Traum (Excelsior, 2001) is less inspired. The band goes pop with silly ditties like Ask Anyone and Desmond Don't Go and keyboard-heavy arrangements that recall Alan Parson Project, Supertramp and 10cc.

I Daryll-Ann (con il cantante Jelle Paulusma e il chitarrista Anne Soldaat, maschio nonostante il nome femminile) vengono alla luce con un paio di singoli: Come Around (Hut), un country-rock che si spegne in un coretto da Merseybeat e che sarebbe piaciuto ai Kinks, e la gradevole ballata elettrica di I Could Never Love You, con i quali sembrano voler sposare le armonie vocali degli Hollies al folk nevrotico di Neil Young. L'album Seabourne West del 1995 prova ad aggiungere sostanza al loro sound.
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