Deutsch Nepal
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Deflagration Of Hell , 6.5/10
Benevolence , 6.5/10
Tolerance , 6.5/10
Comprendido , 6/10
Erosion , 6/10

Deutsch Nepal e` una formazione svedese capitanata da Lina Baby Doll che snobba la moda ambientale degli anni '90 e rimane fedele alla musica industriale degli anni '80. Deflagration Of Hell (Staalplaat, 1991), Benevolence (Cold Meat Industries, 1993) e Tolerance (Staalplaat, 1994) hanno riaffermato la propensione per sonorita` traumatizzanti.

Comprendido (Release, 1997) contiene materiale composto fra il 1992 e il 1996.

Erosion (Staalplaat, 1998)

Deutsch Nepal is the solo project of Swedish electronic musician Lina Baby Doll (actually, a male, co-founder with Roger Karmanik of the label Cold Meat Industry) that shuns the ambient fad of the 1990s' and remains faithful to 1980s' industrial music. Deutsch Nepal belongs to the generation of "sound constructivists" of the early 1990s and ranks with In Slaughter Natives and Raison D'Etre among its most distinguished perpetrators.

Deflagration Of Hell (Staalplaat, 1991), Benevolence (Cold Meat Industries, 1993) and Tolerance (Staalplaat, 1994) rely on sonic traumas.

Comprendido (Release, 1997) collects 1992-96 unreleased material and displays a less bellicose attitude.

The artsy Erosion (Staalplaat, 1998) best displayed the composer's skills at unveiling imaginary soundscapes that are crowded with movements and shadows and visions, where ghosts and machines and share the stage in a futuristic pagan representation of terrible melancholy (Static, Faint Retard). The tour de force of Collapsing Surface recalls a musical version of Salvator Dali's surrealistic paintings.

The same man is behind the project Frozen Faces, that has released Broken Sound of a Dying Culture (Entartete) and They Who Became Enemies to Their Ancestors (Entartete).

A Silent Siege (Old Europa, 2002) collects material composed in the 1990s.

Deutsch Nepal's Erotikon (2006) was a non-traumatic industrial-pop album.

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