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Left Hand Path , 6/10
Clandestine , 6.5/10
Wolverine Blues , 6.5/10
To Ride Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth , 6/10
Same Difference , 6/10
Black Juju , 4/10
Uprising , 5/10
Morning Star , 5/10

Sweden's Entombed, led by guitarist Alex Hellid, changed the course of death-metal with Left Hand Path (Earache, 1990). They joined Carnage, Therion and Unleashed to found one of the most influential heavy-metal schools of the 1990s. Songs like Drowned stand as epic statements of the genre.

The band began to change when vocalist Johnny Dordevic (a former Carnage) joined. The album Clandestine (Earache, 1991) displays a more adult approach to playing and carefully crafted songs like Crawl and Living Dead. The evolution was blatant on the EP Hollowman (Earache, 1992), particularly in Serpent Speech.

The album Wolverine Blues (Earache, 1993) completely trascends the death-metal canon, although Eyemaster is a last nostalgic look back. Slower and less intense, grunge-y and punkish, the new Entombed (Out Of Hand) appeal to Motorhead fans. The album includes more refined versions of Wolverine Blues and Hollowman that already appeared on the EP.

To Ride Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth (Silvertone, 1997) is an eclectic collection that runs the gamut from the heavy sludge of the title-track to the acrobatic rock and roll of Wreckage.

Drummer and songwriter Nicke Andersson (aka Nick Royale) left to form Hellacopters and Same Difference (Music For Nations, 1998) completed the transition from heavy-metal to rock and roll with ferocious fits like Addiction King, What You Need, 20/20. If the band lost anything in songwriting skills, it made up for it abundantly with sheer energy.

Black Juju (Man's Ruins, 1999) contains mostly covers.

Uprising (Sanctuary, 2000) and Morning Star (Music For Nations, 2001) continue to evolve their rock and roll style, further and further away from doom-metal.

Unreal Estate (2005) is a live recording with Sweden's Royal Ballet.

Il death-metal ebbe forse i suoi alfieri piu` brutali negli Entombed del chitarrista Alex Hellid. Left Hand Path (Earache) fu uno degli album che definirono il genere, con brani come Drowned. La maturazione avvenne attraverso l'album Clandestine, forte del cantante Johnny Dordevic (dei Carnage) e del brano Crawl, e il brano Serpent Speech, sull'EP Hollowman del 1992.

L'album Wolverine Blues (Earache, 1993) fu forse il loro migliore, proprio perche' abbandono` gli stereotipi del death-metal e fece capire che il sound si stava facendo meno veloce e meno intenso, piu` grunge che metal.

Gli Unleashed nacquero da una costola degli Entombed (il bassista Johnny Hedlund) e maturarono con il terzo Across The Open Sea (Century Media), dopo Where No Life Dwells (Century Media) e Shadows In The Deep.

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