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Esoteric pioneered an epic version of doom with their triple guitar attack and their passion for colossal (double-disc) albums such as Epistemological Despondency (1994) and The Pernicious Enigma (1997) devoted to minimal quasi-ambient hyper-psychedelic meditations.

Metamorphogenesis (1999) and Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum (Season Of Mist, 2004), each one containing three lengthy compositions, were mature works that abandoned the excesses of their early albums, focusing more on song structure than on mood and atmosphere.

The double-disc The Maniacal Vale (Season Of Mist, 2008), with monolithic pieces like Circle and Ignotum Per Ignotius, expanded the stylistic palette, in particular towards gothic ambient music with neoclassical passages.

Another double-disc, Paragon Of Dissonance (Seasons Of Mist, 2011), further enhanced the emphasis on production and sound rather than on sheer "funereal" viability.

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