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Farfield is creature of British multi-instrumentalist Nick Webb, who has coined a new form of ambient music for tape collage of electronic sounds, found sounds and instruments, first experimented on The Edges of Everything (Farfield, 1999).
Tracks: Exploding Snowdunes, Reflected in Your Left Eye, From the Depths, Are You There, The Edges of Everything, Walking Through, Last Calls, Stealing Fire, Realtime.

Dust and Glass (Farfield, 2001) is ambient music with strong psychological overtones. Sun Across My Eyes (8:16) is lulled by fragmented, drifting, free-form melodic waves, but a subliminal climax is achieved by juxtaposing quiet drones and neurotic sounds (breathy female vocals, piano notes, electronic hissing). Ditto with Ascent (7:33), that employs tides of cosmic drones in somewhat ecstatic timbres, but intersects them with looped voices and watery sounds. By the same token, sideral echoes disturbe the supernatural silence of Dust and Glass. The most intense and least linear of these pieces, Spider Before, sounds like the suspenseful and somewhat disturbing soundtrack for a kammerspiel or a thriller.

Beginning To Freeze (Farfield,

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