Forgotten Woods

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Norway's Forgotten Woods practiced a slower and colder kind of black metal on As The Wolves Gather (1994), the EP Sjel Av Natten (1995) and The Curse of Mankind (1996). The triple-disc Baklengs Mot Stupet 1992-1996 (No Colours) is a retrospective of 1992-1996.

They returned after a decade with Race Of Cain (20 Buck Spin, 2007).

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I norvegesi Forgotten Woods sono autori di un tipo di black metal pių lento e freddo in As The Wolves Gather (1994), l'EP Sjel Av Natten (1995) e The Curse of Mankind (1996). Il triplo disco Baklengs Mot Stupet 1992-1996 (No Colors) č una retrospettiva del 1992-1996.

Sono tornati dopo un decennio con Race Of Cain (20 Buck Spin, 2007).

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