Forgotten Silence

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Czech band Forgotten Silence ranked among the most experimental heavy-metal bands of their age.

After the tentative The Nameless Forever The Last Remembrance (1994), that already included the lengthy The Crystalline Hearts and On Shore Of Arges, they established their progressive death-metal style with Thots (1996), the ten-minute Rosa, the eleven-minute Blanca, the nine-minute Alba, and the 14-minute The Old Memories.

The double-disc Senyaan (1998) was a concept in seven (lengthy) chapters with interludes.

Ka Ba Ach (2000), basically an Egyptian concept album, had esoteric/mystical overtones.

The mini-album Bya Bamahe Neem (2004) contained the 17-minute Come With Me As Far As Behind The Horizon.

Kro Ni Ka (2006) contains just three very extended pieces: Brighton (25:03), Declaration (18:21) and Mezzocaine (17:57).

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