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Another Love Song (1993), 4.5/10
Fitzcarraldo (1994), 6/10
Dance the Devil (1999), 5/10
For the Birds (2001), 5/10
The Roads Outgrown (2003), 4/10
Burn The Maps (2005), 6/10
The Cost (2007), 4/10

The Frames are an Irish band fronted by Glen Hansard that plays a form of bombastic (violin-tinged) folk-rock updated to the age (and the emotional dynamics) of post-rock. They debuted with the single The Dancer (1992) and the album Another Love Song (1993), but Fitzcarraldo (ZTT, 1994) was their first major artistic statement. It was followed by the mediocre Dance the Devil (1999), For the Birds (2001), The Roads Outgrown (2003), as well as by the live Set List (Anti, 2004).

Burn The Maps (2004 - Anti, 2005), their most successful album ever, replacing lead guitarist Dave Odlum with Rob Bochnik, features the single Finally and the seven-minute Keepsake.

Grandeur is not enough to justify the predictable songs of The Cost (Anti, 2007), recorded live with no overdubs.

Their bassist John Carney directed the musical film Once (2006).

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