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Heliogabale, formed in Paris in 1992 and fronted by vocalist Sasha Andres and guitarist Philippe Thiphaine, debuted with Yolk (Agony, 1995), an album steeped in noise-rock of the 1980s. Highlights include: the virulent syncopated distorted Bullet In Ya Belly, with a shouter who sounds like Pere Ubu's David Thomas; the catastrophic riff over a quasi-voodoobilly rhythm of Botch Bosom; the effervescent Holy Liquid Link; the chaotic and hyper-charged Kein Anflang. The band is equally brilliant in slower narratives, as displayed in the bluesy noir atmosphere of Bill The Silly (with Led Zeppelin-ian riffs), and in the insane piano elegy Mah Lunch.

Following the death of drummer Klaus Selosse in 1995, The Full Mind Is Alone The Clear (Prohibited, 1997), produced by Steve Albini, and Mobile Home (1999), produced by by Al Sutton, tried to "sell" their noise-rock to the international audience.

They intermittently continued to release albums such as Diving Rooms (2004), Blood (Les Disques du Hangar, 2010) and Ecce Homo (2017).

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