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Hoeyry-Kone is a Finnish ensemble that plays instrumental progressive-rock and debuted with Hyoenteisiae Voi Rakastaa (Ad Perpetuam Memoriam, 1995).

The violin is the most prominent instrument on Huono Parturi (Ad Perpetuam Memoriam, 1997), but the rhythm is often the real protagonist. The album spans a broad range of styles and arrangements, from the gregorian chant Beata Viscera, sung a cappella over minimal electronics, to the devilish tzigan dance of Tarva-Antti; from the slavic folk songs of Karhunkaato and Huono Parturi, sung by a tenor, to the closing madrigal Laina-ajalla. The fusion of folk, prog-rock and gothic music is original. The band's drawback is precisely the prog-rock part. Their turbulent jamming sounds childish rather than intellectual.

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