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On Arrival , 6/10
Divorce Your Loved Ones With Dignity , 6/10

Karamasov is a multinational quartet (guitarist Johannes von Weizsacker, drummer Berit Immig, keyboardist Adam Stewart, bassist Harry Rambaut) that plays mainly instrumental songs at the border between Matching Mole's progressive-rock, Can's kraut-rock, Tortoise's post-rock and contemporary British/German instrumental bands like Mogwai and Mouse On Mars.

The ten short aphorisms of On Arrival (Satellite, 1998) paint a skewed landscape that is not quite industrial but certainly not pastoral. The funk and blues touches of 8 Beef Critter, the cosmic and ambient feeling of Fengan Nemo, the hypnotic dance psychedelia Don't You Know The Sun Always Shines In Space and the relatively straightforward techno of Roadsnack mark their territory.

Divorce Your Loved Ones With Dignity (Satellite, 2001) is like the commercial version of that album, with Hole In October and Surfboy explaining the complex project to the masses.

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