Kahimi Karie
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Kahimi Karie, the trendy star of the "shibuya-kei" pop scene (once a member of Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her with Takako Minekawa) who relocated to Paris in 1997, would like to pose like Francoise Hardy but she's more modestly a sensual singer of Lolita-pop. Like most Japanese pop musicians, her music is at least self-referential, and strong on humour (bordering on the self-parody). Check out Lolilapop Dollhouse. Momus wrote Le Roi Soleil and Good Morning World Cornelius wrote Elastic Girl. Her EPs, like Larmes De Crocodile and I Am A Kitten, have been compiled on Kahimi Karie (Minty Fresh, 1998). The mini-album K.K.K.K.K. (Minty Fresh, 1998) takes advantage of an all-star cast to supply Karie with silly ditties (One Thousand 20th Century Chairs, The Symphonies Of Beethoven) that make Britney Spears sound like a genius. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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