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Silent Movie Silent Scream , 5/10
1-900-Get-Khan , 5/10
No Comprendo , 5/10

German musician Can Oral (half of Air Liquide), now relocated to New York, is a man of a thousand pseudonyms, but Khan is the one that stuck. Silent Movie Silent Scream (Caipirinha, 1999) is his homage to cinema, but hardly sensational. 1-900-Get-Khan (Matador, 1999) is his homage to the porn underworld of Manhattan, no less amateurish.

Passport (Matador, 2000) is an odd compilation of his eight monikers that includes favorites like Body Dump and Genattackz but also a lot of filler.

No Comprendo (Matador, 2001) is an homage of sort to his favorite singers: Oral wrote the music and let the singers add the lyrics and the voices. And Diamanda Galas steals the show on Aman.

Oral sounds more rock than techno or whatever. He just doesn't know how to play guitar or drums and has to resort to electronic sounds.

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