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38cbm , 6/10
Das Fieber der Menschlichen Stimme , 6/10

Klangkrieg is the duo of Tim Buhre and Felix "Knoth" KUbin, two German electronic musicians. 38cbm (ND, 1997) contains arduous pieces of extreme sounds, culminating in the 15-minute 38cbm.

Das Fieber der Menschlichen Stimme (Audioview, 1999) uses the human voice as the source for wild sonic excursions that recall the experiments of musique concrete filtered through the sensibility of Kraftwerk (Anormales Gerausch, Flieger in Grosser Spirale). The duo also revels in a Cage-an cut-up of conversations and radio broadcast (Kursprecher and Schones Gefuhl).

Kubin is also co-author with Guenther Reznicek (aka Nova Huta) and Arnoud Jacobs (aka Mark Mancha) of Ipsomat Legrand (Disaster Area, 2001).

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