Kletka Red
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Hijacking , 5/10
Hybrid , 5/10

Kletka Red is the project of guitarist and vocalist Leonid Soybelman and guitarist Andy Moor (of Dog Faced Hermans and Ex). Hijacking (Tzadik, 1996) is a collection of mostly old klezmer tunes revisited from the viewpoint of noise-rock and post-rock. The originals, especially Eighth Day and Trigger, shows tremendous talent, but the quartet if happy to waste it on traditionals.

The instrumental Fist Of Leg and Persecution Complex display the apocalyptic jamming that the two guitarists can concoct on Hybrid (Red Note, 2000).

In the meantime, Andy Moor had also launched a prolific solo career, particularly collaborations with avantgarde composers. Locks (Unsounds, 2001) is a collaboration with Kaffe Matthews. Thermal (Unsounds, 2002) is a collaboration with jazz saxophonist John Butcher and German synth-man Thomas Lehn. Red v Green (Unsounds, 2003) is a collaboration with electronic musician Yannis Kyriakides.

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