David Kristian
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Cricklewood , 6/10
Room Tone , 6/10
Beneath The Valley Of The Modulars , 6/10
Sawdust Sinedust Squaredust , 6/10
David Kristian, Sam Shalabi, Alex St-Onge , 6/10

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David Kristian is an electronic musician from Montreal (Canada) that started out as a drum'n'bass specialist with EPs such as Clubfoot (Discreet), Ectopic Beat (Drop Beat), The Drum Machine (Suction) and compilation tracks like Strange Mountaineers. The neoclassical originality of his dance hits transferred into ambient music with Synaesthesia (Discreet), that contains the 18-minute Aurora 18.

Cricklewood (Alien8, 1998) was the album that established him as a major force in electronic music: an exercise in vintage analog synthesizers, inspired by sci-fi soundtracks of the 1950s.

Kristian's new music also surfaced on half of the album Tacoma Narrows Bridge (Alien8, 1998).

Beneath The Valley Of The Modulars (Alien8, 1999) collects material that dates as far back as 1994.

Room Tone (Alien8, 1999) was an urban symphony made of processed found sounds.

Sawdust Sinedust Squaredust (Pandora Multimedia, 2000) is perhaps his most austere and dramatic album, a return to rhythm but also a further refining of his post-ambient and post-concrete technique, a bold attempt at bridging the worlds of Tangerine Dream and Autechre.

David Kristian, Sam Shalabi, Alex St-Onge (Alien8, 2001) is a collaboration with the avantgarde guitarist and bassist, and is by far Kristian's more experimental work.

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