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Leftism , 6.5/10
Rhythm And Stealth , 5/10

Techno for non-dancers was created by Neil Barnes and Paul Daley, the duo behind Leftfield. with the album Leftism (Columbia, 1995), that offered a slower, softer and lighter version of the genre's frenetic electronica. Even Open Up and Space Shanty, the only techno locomotives in the album, have enough differentiating features that they can be played in a living room rather than in a disco. The hit Release The Pressure was the least original of the tracks, a free interpretation of Orchestral Manouvres In The Dark amplifying a dub beat until it resembles a panzer, sprinkled with ideas stolen from Men Without Hats' Safety Dance and Los Del Rio's Macarena. The duo was far more adventurous in assimilating world-music (the middle-eastern chanting of Song of Life, the tribal Brasilian percussions of Black Flute)

Rhythm And Stealth (Hard Hands, 1999) is a more eclectic work, that strays even further from techno. Elements of hip hop (Dusted), soul (Swords), reggae (Chant Of A Poor Man) and industrial music (Phat Planet, Dub Gussett) inject the tracks with a second life, while more abstract pieces (El Cid, Rino's Prayer) approach pure electronica. Rino's Prayer,splendido tassello conclusivo dell'opera.Un pezzo ambient Again, the winner is inspired to ethnic folk: Rhino's Prayer. Here an arabic motive is propelled in a caravan-like procession against desert winds. Afrika Shok is the techno/melodic centerpiece.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Andrea Marengo)

La techno per non-ballerini venne inventata dai Leftfield (Neil Barnes e Paul Daley) su Leftism (Columbia, 1995), un'album che proponeva una versione più lenta, accessibile e meno aggressiva dell'elettronica frenetica del genere. Persino le sole locomotive techno dell'album (Open Up e Space Shanty) presentano abbastanza caratteristiche da renderle ascoltabili tanto in un salotto quanto in una discoteca. La hit Release The Pressure era la traccia meno originale dell'album: un'interpretazione libera degli Orchestral Manouvres In The Dark che amplifica un ritmo dub fino a somigliare ad un carro armato che ruba idee da Safety Dance dei Men Without Hats e Macarena dei Los Del Rio. Il duo era però ancora più avventuroso quando incorporava influenze world-music (il cantato mediorientale di Song Of Life e le percussioni tribali brasiliane di Black Flute).

Il più eclettico Rhythm And Stealth (Hard Hands, 1999) si allontanava ulteriormente dalla techno incorporando elementi hip-hop (Dusted), soul (Swords), reggae (Chant Of A Poor Man) e industrial (Phat Planet e Dub Gussett) che davano nuova vita alle tracce. I brani più astratti (El Cid e Rino's Prayer) si avvicinano all'elettronica pura.

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