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Worldwide Delivery , /10

Liberator are a ska band from Sweden fronted by the menacing Robert Ylipaa. The EP Freedom Fighters (Burning Heart, 1995), the album This Is (Burning Heart, 1996) and the EP Carefully Blended (Burning Heart, 1997) established their credentials next to the British and American revivalists. Worldwide Delivery (Burning Heart, 1999 - Epitaph, 2000) offers a fairly conventional take on the genre. For a seven-man combo, Angel Of Death and Motor Animal sound mercilessly flat, the ska equivalent of a soul ballad. Crying, if nothing else, aims for a "progressive" ska with pastoral flute and doo-wop chorus. The band is far more successful when they bend to the Madness' joyful madness (Kick De Bucket, Mr Wright ). Hot Pot and Will There Be Someone add a bit of badly needed absurdism. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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