Misery Loves Co
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Misery Loves Co , 6/10
Not Like Them , 5/10
Your Vision Was Never To Share , 4/10

Misery Loves Co is a duo from Sweden (Patrick Wiren and Orjan Ornkloo) that plays danceable industrial music with heavy metal overtones. Their mixture of gothic, aggro and techno is glorified on Misery Loves Co (Earache, 1995) winks at Pantera and Metallica (My Mind, Need Another One) while worshipping Nine Inch Nails (Happy, Private Hell). The intensity of Kiss Your Boots and The Only Way is worthy of Godflesh.

Abandoned the excesses of that style, the duo settled for a more psychological approach on Not Like Them (Earache, 1997), that belongs to gothic rock more than it does to industrial music.

No surprise, then, that Your Vision Was Never To Share (Earache, 1999) sounds like Bauhaus and Killing Joke, a series of depressed horror litanies (The Drowning Man, When Everything Dies). On the other hand, the desperate tones of Your Vision and No Exit ring with the devilish malice of Type O Negative.

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