Giorgio Moresi
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Giorgio Moresi is an Italian improvising guitarist who in 1991 penned five cassettes influenced by both free-jazz and acid-rock: Journey's End (1991), Ghost Voices vol 1 and 2 (1991), a tribute to San Francisco, and especially Heart of Darkness vol 1 and 2 (1991). The latter contains Deep Flight, in four movements (or, better, "actions") and a colossal Mantra, his most ambitious work.

The same line-up recorded Psychedelic Sessions (1992) and Thoughts over Shapes and Moods (1995). After Weird Tales (1997). Moresi disappeared from the scenes for a while. he returned with Black Velvet Sessions (2001) and Live Tracks (2002).

Night Whispers (2004), credited to Grindwall, reprises old material and includes the 20-minute Children's Game.

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