Nagisa Ni Te

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Nagisa Ni Te, a psychedelic-folk duo from Japan (Shinji Shibayama and his girlfriend Masako Takeda), established its major canon with On The Love Beach (1995), containing Me On The Beach and Woman, the double LP The True World (1999), that contained the suites The True World and The True Sun, and Feel (2001), containing The New World. Unlike the purveyors of noisy psychedelia, Nagisa Ni Te leaned towards the fragile textural end of the acid spectrum.

The True Sun (2000) was a live album. Songs For A Simple Moment (2001) is a compilation including a 20-minute live version of The True Sun. Dream Sounds (Jagjaguwar, 2005) was another compilation (re-recordings of four classics).

The Same as a Flower (Jagjaguwar, 2004) was a mellower effort, as was Yosuga (Jagjaguar, 2008), both suffering from a lack of variety and development.

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