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Nightblooms , 6/10
24 Days At Catastrophe Cafe , 4/10

The Nightblooms are from Holland and are part of the noise-pop continent headed by Bettie Serveert and Daryll-Ann. Their style is one of the most melodic within that school, as evidenced on the singles Go Eliza (1988) and Crystal Eyes (Fierce, 1990). Esther Sprikkelman on vocals emulated Fairport Convention's Sandy Denny, while Leon Morselt became famous for a ferocious technique on drums. Harry Otten on guitar and Petra van Tongeren on bass were generators of noise, with the guitar often improvising bizarre solos. The album Nightblooms (Seed, 1993) expands on that concept and delivers an ambitious opus, the eight-minute Butterfly Girl.

On the other hand, some of the songs on 24 Days At Catastrophe Cafe (Seed, 1994) sounded like Queen overproduced by Phil Spector (Never Dream At All). The ten-minute tour de force of Shatterhand was the only reminder of their original ambitions.

After the band split up, Esther Sprikkelman and Harry Otten started Safe Home.

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