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Grandson Of Ham , 6/10
The Mighty Hunter/ Lab 36B , 5/10
Nimrod , 5/10
Roughage: Yen For Noise , 6/10

I Nimrod di Zev Asher (canto), Tim Olive (basso) e Samuel Lohman (batteria), vengono alla luce in Giappone con Grandson Of Ham (Scratch, 1992), composto interamente da Olive, al quale collaborano diversi musicisti locali. Il rumore prodotto dal trio e` a meta` strada fra grunge e speedmetal, ma al livello superiore delle armonie si situano strati e strati di manipolazioni e di arrangiamenti (i fronzoli di sassofono su Muttfrappe, gli spunti d'armonica di Naked Baking, di violino su Nothing Changes).

A meglio qualificare lo stile di questi Cop Shoot Cop canadesi e` il monumentale e apocalittico The Mighty Hunter/ Lab 36B (Scratch, 1993). Activity Centre, con la sua parete di crepitii chitarristi e la sua cadenza cingolata, e Meathook, con il suo riff vertiginoso, sono le canzoni piu` regolari. Gli ultimi venti brani sono miniature cacofoniche in cui puo` succedere di tutto. Spiccano i borboglii elettronici a ritmo rock di Gemstones e The 4th Phase, ma per lo piu` il disco e` velleitario e sfocato.
(Nota: sulla copertina del CD i titoli dei brani sono quasi tutti errati, e i primi sei sono registrati in Giappone con l'aiuto di musicisti giapponesi).

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Tim Olive and Zen Asher are the only surviving members of Nimrod on Nimrod (Scratch, 1997), the album that marked the transition towards noise. The duo (and Japanese friends) serves collages, that integrate Boredoms and Negativland (Mongkok), jams, that mix free-jazz and musique concrete (Asinine Q), and psychedelic freak-outs (Fewker). There are hints at great music, but there is hardly any music at all.

After the band's breakup, Tim Olive and Jeff Bell recorded Beauty Pear (Trakshun Industries).

Roughage is Zev Asher's post-Nimrod noise project. Yen For Noise (Scratch, 1995) had been completed in 1992 but appeared only three years later and marked Asher's emancipation from the role of singer. The 27-track 75-minutes opus is a work of austere electronic music and sampling techniques inspired by the classical avantgarde of composers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and Gordon Mumma. While many of these brief sketches can be attributed to a self-indulgent artist, the electronic shocks and distorted voices of Crime Of Violence and the eerie drones of Live In Nagoya sound particularly menacing. Several pieces rely on voice manipulation and several others are live improvisations with masters of the Japanese noise scene. But few compositions resort to the dissonant chaos of the Japanese noise masters and, generally speaking, Asher displays a more relaxed and spiritual approach to sound.

On the other hand, a harsher industrial soundscape permeats the cassette Benny`s Audio pt.. 2&9 (Earwing).

Supernatural Hot Rug And Not Used (EM Records, 2006) was a collaboration between Bunsho Nisikawa (guitar) and Nimrod's Tim Olive (bass).

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