Orange Goblin
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Frequencies From Planet Ten , 6/10
Time Traveling Blues , 5/10
Big Black , 5/10
Coup De Grace , 5/10

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Ideally, Orange Goblin belong to the English school of doom-metal, but chronologically they belong to the generation of stoner-rock. Their debut album Frequencies From Planet Ten (Rise Above, 1997) relied on the psychedelic factor to augment the psychological power of their riffs. Aquatic, Astral Project, Star Shaped Cloud, Land Of Secret Dreams, Magic Carpet, Song Of The Purple Mushroom Fish were as "hard" as "soft", as if straddling the border between two universes.

Orange Goglin regressed towards a more lively sound on Time Traveling Blues (MUsic Cartel, 1999). Except for the triad Nuclear Guru, Shine and Blue Snow, though, the songs tend to be predictable and occasionally closer to Lynyrd Skynyrd than to Cathedral.

Third album Big Black (MUsic Cartel, 2000) indulges in the stereotypes of loud, dark, slow stoner-rock with trivial compositions like Cozmo Bozo, King Of The Hornets, Big Black.

Coup De Grace (Rise Above, 2002) is an even less original venture into the cliches of stoner-rock.

Thieving from the House of God (2004), Healing Through Fire (2007) and A Eulogy for the Damned (2012) are repetitive with the occasional fleeting moment of lucidity.

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