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Low Profile Darkness , 7/10
Twisted Designz , 6/10
Phoenix Metabolism , 6/10
Brasilia , 6/10
German Engineering , 5/10
M2: Sinecore (2000), 6/10

Panacea is German enfant prodige Mathias Mootz, a dj and producer who became famous on the Berlin "techstep" scene with the brutal assault of Low Profile Darkness (Position Chrome, 1997). That style borrowed elements from death-metal and industrial music and applied them to drum'n'bass (Torture, Stormbringer).

But Twisted Designz (Position Chrome, 1998) veered sharply towards hip hop syncopation, sounding like a cross between heavy metal and jungle. While still roaming the same apocalyptic scenario, the music is more accessible and danceable. Motion Sickness

Mootz then hired a couple of rappers and churned out Phoenix Metabolism (Position Chrome, 1999), an equally unremitting sonic rape. The instrumentals Sunburst and Vari-Speed take no prisoners.

Brasilia (Caipirinha, 1999) is Mootz' minimalist and ambient album. While ostensibly quiet and mellow, the twenty tracks betray Mootz' psychotic neuroses.

Hot on the heel of a plethora of collaborations and side projects, including the mediocre Shares Needles with Tarmvred, the live album German Engineering (Position Chrome, 2001) revisits some of the older Panacea material. Unfortunately, Mootz's hip-hop soul prevails over his industrial soul. Panacea's sound has never been so gentle and complacent, especially on new tracks German Engineering and A Perfect Night.

In between Panacea releases, Mathias Mootz also launched M2 (pronounced "squaremeter"), a project of ambient glitch music as demonstrated on 14id1610s (Ant-Zen, 2000) and especially Sinecore (Mille Plateaux, 2000). Mootz added vocal samples to the mix of Parsec (Hands, 2001), perhaps his most complex experiment. The Bitter End (Hands, 2002) was its logical continuation, but War of Sound (Ant-Zen, 2003) veered towards ambient techno Aswad (Ant-Zen, 2004) toyed with ethnic music.

XHM2's This Anxious Space (Hymen) is a collaboration between M2 and Xingu Hill (John Sellekaers).

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