Pressure Drop
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Upset , 5/10
Front Row , 5/10
Dusk , 5/10
Elusive , 5/10

London-based disc jockeys Justin Langlands and Dave Henley first met in 1986, at the peak of the house scene. Under the moniker Blood Brothers they became stalwarts of the genre. Pressure Drop was born with the singles Feeling Good (Big World, 1990), Back To Back (Big World, 1990), Trancefusion (Big World, 1990).

The style changed with the album Upset (Boombastic, 1992), one of the precursors of trip-hop, the praxis (guest singers, guest rappers, guest horn sections) if not the sound (You're Mine).

The singles Everything'll Be Alright Tomorrow, Big Noise and Unify led to Front Row (Marlboro, 1993), a much more subdued statement of work.

The Eps Tearing The Silence (Hard Hands, 1995) and Up Against The Wall (Wall Of Sound, 1995) were more daring with their dark and jazzy backgrounds.

The album Dusk (Cafe Del Mar, 1996)

A platoon of friends plays saxophone, flute, trumpet, harmonica, clarinet on Elusive (Hard Hands, 1997). Unfortunately the choice of singers (Anita Jarrett, Constantine Wier and Martin Fishley) is not the best. My Friend, Got To Be For Real , Silently Bad Minded expertly mix dub, exotica, bebop and Ennio Morricone.

After leaving London they released Tread (2001).

Food Of Love is a career retrospective of sort.

Just for the record, i had a brief interchange with Justin Langlands who claimed that this biography of Pressure Drop is inaccurate: On 29 Aug 2007 justin langlands wrote:
> Here's some friendly advice from me: " fuck off!"
> On 28 Aug 2007, at 04:09, piero scaruffi wrote:
>> Thanks.
>> However, the website is way too heavy
>> on graphics.
>> Furthermore, when i finally managed to click on Biography,
>> i got a five line introduction in a minuscule font that i can hardly
>> read. But no biography to speak of.
>> I recommend to use text only and basic HTML if you
>> want to reach a broad audience. ONly the elite has a fast connection
>> and the latest version of the most popular browser. The masses
>> have to live with slow connections and old computers.
>> Just a friendly advice.
>> Can you briefly tell me what is wrong in my "short biography of
>> Pressure Drop"?
>> All the best,
>> piero
>> On 27 Aug 2007 justin langlands wrote:
>>> Hello Piero,
>>> I just wanted to inform you that your short biography of Pressure
>>> Drop is misleading and inaccurate. If you want to improve the
>>> accuracy of your information please read the biography at
>>> Thanks, ciao J.
>>> Justin Langlands
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