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Replenish , 5/10
Glow , 4/10
Rides , 5/10
Getaway , 4/10

The singles Naked and Good Feeling introduced Reef as less than mediocre disciples of Black Crowes. Gary Stringer's rhythm and blues growl and Kenwyn House's rough guitar riffs have only nostalgy on their side. Thus, Replenish (Sony, 1995) is a collection of leftovers from albums that Aerosmith, Jeff Beck, Sly Stone, Rolling Stones and Free would have been ashamed of cutting, (Feed Me being the least shameful). Place Your Hands is the standout from Glow (Sony, 1997). I've Got Something To Say is the single off Rides (Sony, 1999), perhaps their most accomplished album. Set The Record Straight is the highlight of Getaway (Sony, 2000), their most commercial work yet. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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