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Retrospective (1997), 6/10
Installation Sonore, 6.5/10
Music Kills Me (2002), 4/10
Schizophonic (2005), 5/10

Rinocerose is a French project that mixes rock music and techno music, a concept originally introduced on Retrospective (Stereophonic Elefant Dance, 1997) and reminiscent of the Chemical Brothers. Le Mobilier is the single that established them on the map of international dance-music. Installation Sonore (V2, 1999), reprising the single, toys with hard-rock, blues (I Love Ma Guitare) and funk (Sublimior) in a witty and captivating manner.

Music Kills Me (V2, 2002) is a vastly inferior affair. Schizophonic (V2, 2005) is an ambitious concept album with Freudian overtones, but the music is still the same silly dance-pop.

(Translated by Nicola Mecca)

Rinocerose Ť un progetto francese che mescola musica rock e techno, un concetto introdotto originariamente su (Stereophonic Elefant Dance, 1997), che ricordava i Chemical Brothers. Le Mobilier Ť il singolo che li portÚ alla ribalta della dance-music internazionale. Installation Sonore (V2, 1999), riprendendo il singolo, gioca con líhard-rock, il blues (I Love Ma Guitare) e il funk () in maniera perspicace e accattivante.

(V2, 2002) Ť nettamente inferiore. (V2, 2005) Ť un concept-album ambizioso con sfumature Freudiane, ma la musica resta comunque lo stesso sciocco dance-pop.

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