The Rita

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The Rita (aka Vancouver-based Sam McKinlay) released more than 70 albums in 20 years of monster noise. He started self-releasing home-made cassettes such as Crusty Etruscans (Spite, 1998), Possessed Nun Sleaze (Labyrinth, 1998) and Swingers Get Killed (Solipsism, 1998), and went on to release: Bodies Bear Traces Of Carnal Violence (2004), Sea Wolf Leviathan (Solipsism, 2004), the cassette Recycled (RRRecords, 2004), Magazine (Abisko, 2005), Lake Depths Lurker (Harshnoise, 2005), the cassette Flapper Influence From French Prostitutes (Monorail Trespassing, 2005), The Tortured Ghosts Of Creeks And Rivers (Trash Ritual, 2006), Graveyard Of Whorer/ Blood Injected Into Dirt Reptile (Toe Products, 2006), the cassette Koskimo House Post (Erratic Sporadicism Tapes, 2006), Thousands Of Dead Gods (Troniks, 2006), Albert Kogler (Troniks, 2006), the cassette Maillart Extended (Rundownsun, 2006), Headless With Leopard Skin (Definitive Circumstances, 2009), The Nylons Of Laura Antonelli (Utmarken, 2009), The Voyage Of The Decima MAS (Troniks, 2009), the cassette The Parisian Dancing Girl In Thigh High Stockings Is Thrown To The Floor By The Cloaked Phantom (Dead Audio Tapes, 2009), Skate/ Snorkel (RRRecords, 2009), Eyeliner Into Nylon Back Seam (Sickcore, 2012), Women's Vocals (Urashima, 2012), the cassette Vice Baron (Banned Production, 2012), the 3-LP Escorting (Urashima, 2013), Gamzatti (Total Black, 2014), Ballet Feet Positions (Old Europa Cafe, 2014), The Apex Representation Of A Woman (Signora Ward, 2015), Queen Sheets (Urashima, 2015), Raymonda (Old Europa Cafe, 2015), the cassette Dark Eye Makeup For The Stage (Stiff Sanctorum, 2015), the double-LP The Lilac Fairy (Urashima, 2016), the cassette Pedicure Deconstruction Of The Feminine (Bacteria Field, 2016), the 7-cassette box-set Toe Cleavage (Urashima, 2017), Medora (Old Europa Cafe, 2017), Foul Prey (2019) , Linked Arms And Touching Torsos (Obsessive Fundamental Realism, 2019), Costumes and Masks 1 (Level Of Vulnerability, 2019), etc; plus singles, EPs and countless collaborations. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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