Rockers Hi-Fi

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Rockers To Rockers , 6/10
Mish Mash , 6/10

Rockers Hi-Fi is the Birmingham sound system of Richard "DJ Dick" Whittingham and Glyn Bush. Their single Push Push (1992) predated all fusions of dub and house. Tracks like Stoned and Dick From Outerspace refined the concept.

By merging Tackhead, Lee Perry, Massive Attack and Tricky, the album Rockers To Rockers (Gee Street, 1995) lumped them with Bristol's trip-hop movement, although their sound tends to be far more aggressive and unstable.

Mish Mash (Warner Bros, 1996) is a more relaxed work, indulging in ambient dub (The 8th Shade), atmospheric rhythm and blues (Fuzzwalk), laidback hip-hop (Now I Deliver) and subliminal techno (One With Another).

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Matteo Gentile)

Rockers Hi-Fi è il progetto, nato a Birmingham, di Richard "DJ Dick" Whittingham e Glyn Bush. Il loro singolo Push Push (1992) ha preceduto tutte le successive commistioni di dub e house. Tracce come Stoned e Dick From Outerspace hanno affinato il concetto. Unendo Tackhead, Lee Perry, Massive Attack e Tricky, l'album Rockers To Rockers (Gee Street, 1995) li ha congiunti col movimento trip-hop di Bristol, anche se il loro suono tende ad essere molto più aggressivo e instabile. Mish Mash (Warner Bros, 1996) è un'opera più rilassata, che si dedica all'ambient dub ( The 8th Shade ), a un atmosferico rhythm and blues ( Fuzzwalk ), a un hip hop meno frenetico ( Now I Deliver ) e a una techno “subliminale” ( One With Another ).

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