Scott 4
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Recorded In State LP , 6/10
Works Project LP , 6/10
European Punks , 6/10

Scott Blixen is the leader of Scott 4, an English band that plays roots-rock with a hip-hop accent in the manner of Beck. The single Deutsche LP Record (Satellite, 1997) and the mini-album Elektro Akoustic und Volksmechanik (Satellite, 1997) are still tentative, although the cross-pollination of Kraftwerk-style industrial music and Smog-style existential whining is already unique.

The single Your Kingdom To Dust (Satellite, 1998) and the album Recorded In State LP (Folk Archive, 1998) display their classic take on country, blues and hip hop.

The singles Jeans Record (Satellite, 1999) and Catastrophe (Folk Archive, 1999) are less entertaining but Works Project LP (Folk Archive, 1999) introduces orchestral arrangements. The main problem with this album is the unfocused approach to alt-country, folk-rock, post-rock and slo-core.

European Punks (Tiny Dog, 2002) is a collaboration with Magic Car. The ten-minute title-track ranks as one of Scott 4's masterpieces.

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