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Slipstream , 5/10
Side Effects , 5/10
Transcendental (2003), 5/10

Mark Refoy, veteran shoegazer of Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized, formed Slipstream, a project that dispenses with Spiritualized's production experiments and sticks to guitar-pop conventions. Slipstream debuted with the single Sundown (Che).

Slipstream (Che, 1995) is a competent but ultimately mediocre effort (best is Harmony) although it shows devotion to Kraftwerk (She Passed By). Surprisingly, Refoy dispensed with the drones that made him famous and opted instead for a subdued guitar-rock style. Tracks like Riverside are reminiscent of Galaxie 500 and Luna.

Side Effects (Che, 1995) compiles the poppier singles, including Up In Heaven.

Be Groovy or Leave (Che, 1997) again focused on the song format, but did not fare any better.

After a long hiatus, Slipstream returned with Transcendental (Enraptured, 2003), a more traditional (long, droning) shoegazing recording (Deep In the Night).

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