Slow Loris
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Slow Loris , 6/10
The Ten Commandments And Two Territories , 6.5/10

Slow Loris is a Toronto-based instrumental combo that predated the revival of progressive-rock brought about by the likes of Tortoise and Stereolab. The atmosphere of Slow Loris (Chemical Sound, 1993) is sparse but not cerebral. Guitarists Jason Clarke and Daryl Smith engage in solemn textures that quietly mutate as they are gently propelled by the psychological waves of drummer Blake Howard and bassist Dave Walsh. The EP Palentine (Derivative, 1995) relies more heavily on the rhythm section.

The group matures on The Ten Commandments And Two Territories (Southern, 1996), thanks to multi-instrumentalist Brian Cram and a general focus on controlled jamming. The tracks come through as a hybrid of free-jazz and acid-rock The addition of trumpet and keyboards is particularly welcome and a nightmare like Thou Shall Not Destroy Tokyo is worth of progressive-rock's past glories.

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