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Tea Toast & Turmoil , 5/10
Manilow , 5/10
You Me Carpark Now , 5/10

The Australian band Smudge can boast more than just the friendship of Evan Dando (Lemonheads). The single I Don't Want To Be Grant McLennan and the two EPs Love Lust & Lemonjuice (Half A Cow, 1992) revelead in Tom Morgan a superb craftman of punk-pop. At least Divan and Pulp will become warhorses of the band's live shows. Single and EPs were later collected on Tea Toast & Turmoil (half A Cow, 1993).

Manilow (Half A Cow, 1993) boasts 21 short tracks of tight punk-pop that relies on catchy melodies and funny lyrics (Impractical Joke). The followed a minialbum, Hot Smoke And Sassafras (Half A Cow, 1995), notably the hooks of Coal Surge and The Wrong Pony, but the band truly shines in the single format: Superhero (Half A Cow, 1993) and The Outdoor Type (Domino, 1994) are two of their melodic/lyrical masterpieces.

Surprisingly, You Me Carpark Now (Half A Cow, 1996) displays a band that is moving towards a rawer sound, and even some noise instrumentals, while the EP Slight Return (Half A Cow, 1996) maintains the balance with another bunch of well-crafted tunes.

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