Sons of Otis

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Spacejumbofudge (1996), 6/10
Templeball (1996), 6.5/10
Songs for Worship (2001), 6/10
X (2005), 5/10
Exiled (2008), 4/10
Seismic (2012), 4/10

Canada's Sons Of Otis featuring guitarist Ken Baluke, began in a metalcore vein with Paid To Suffer (1994) but turned to stoner-rock on Spacejumbofudge (1996), notably the ten-minute subsonic ambient suspense of Big Muff, further increasing the dose of psychedelia on Templeball (1996), perhaps their "heaviest" album, dominated by three lengthy jams (Windows Jam, New Mole, Diesel), Songs for Worship (2001), with new drummer Ryan Aubin and the band's second zenith (The Hunted, I'm Gone and Tankard II the new tours de force), the EP Pusher (2002) and X (Small Stone, 2005). All these albums were characterized by the massive riffs of the guitarist. Sons Of Otis became the leaders of Canada's stoner-rock revival, sort of a Canadian version of Monster Magnet but closer to the classic sound of Mountain and Steppenwolf.

However, Ken Baluke turned to super-slow doom-metal on his debut as Ox, Aftermath (Kult Of Nihilow, 2006).

Sons of Otis continued to release albums of mainstream hard rock such as Exiled (2008), a mediocre collection built around the ten-minute Haters, and Seismic (Small Stone Records, 2012).

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