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Exorcise The Demons, 6/10

Jim Baker and Phil Aslett, authentic products of London's jungle scene, debuted with a few singles under the moniker Sounds of Life: Trust Me/ Release the Bells (Certificate 18, 1992), Currents/ Intellect, Hidden Rooms/ A Spice of Jazz.

Source Direct was born when Future London (Odysee, 1994) aired for the first time, soon followed by an incessant sequence of singles: Different Groove, Fabric of Space (Source Direct, 1995), Approach and Identify Snake Style, The Crane (Source Direct, 1996). The Cult (Metalheadz, 1996) and A Made Up Sound are probably the ones that built their credentials. There followed Stone Killer and Secret Liasons (Good Looking, 1996).

A few singles came out under different monikers: Oblivion (Night Windows in 1995), Mirage (Deep Rage and Just for You in 1995, Feel My Dreams in 1996), Hokusai (Red Lights and Black Rose in 1996, Cold and Jade in 1997).

Finally, the trio of Two Masks (Science, 1996), Call and Response (Science, 1997) and Capital D (Science, 1997), later compiled on Controlled Developments (Astralwerks, 1997), heralded the major phase of Source Direct.

Besides re-re-recording two of the singles, Source Direct's true debut album, Exorcise The Demons (Astralwerks, 1999), display a maturing sense of orchestration and tempo but even the best tracks (Mind Weaver, Haunted) can't compare with the singles. The only track that rises to the occasion is Technical Warfare, reminiscent of science fiction soundtracks and enveloped in sterilized dub sound. Source Direct's carefully-crafted music comes through as a gothic version of Photek. At the same time, drum'n'bass is but a pretext for scoring gripping imaginary soundtracks. Source Direct is the jungle alter ego of Barry Adamson.

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