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Resident Alien , 5/10
The Chinese Album , 4/10

Spacehog is a quartet from Leeds that moved to New York and emerged with a hybrid of glam-rock and grunge on Resident Alien (Sire, 1995). Bowie's Ziggy period is the main influence on In The Meantime and Never Coming Down, but, while they rely on catchy refrains and pathetic bridges, they also rock loud and stern. A bizarre space boogie (Spacehog) and an epileptic and outrageous punk-pop (Space Is The Place) lift the band from the sewers of Brit-glam that singer Royston Langdon favors.

The Chinese Album (Sire, 1998) indulges in their Bowie imitations one too many times (Mungo City, Captain Freeman) and rarely matches the vigor of the debut. Carry On, Skylark and One Of These Days exhibit only the flaws of their derivative pop sound.

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