Spare Snare
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Disco Dancing , 6/10
Live At Home , 6/10
Spare Snare , 6/10
Westfield Lane , 5/10

Spare Snare is the project of Jan Burnett, a Scottish singer who sounds like a terrible clone of Smog. The super-catchy singles As A Matter Of Fact, Thorns and Skaeboard Punk Rocker, later compiled on Disco Dancing (Chute, 1995) and re-played on Live At Home (Chute, 1995), also issued as Spare Snare (Prospective, 1995) boasted a line-up with multi-instrumentalists Alan Cormack, Paul Esposito and Barry Gibson. Notwithstanding the tremendous commercial potential (albeit zero artistic value) of these ditties, the record flopped and the band melted away after Smile It's Sugar (1996).

Burnett is virtually alone on Westfield Lane (Wabana, 1997), another collection of superb and absolutely pointless pop refrains.

Love Your Early Stuff (2000) is a compilation of rarities and singles.

The problem is that singles such as Calling In The Favours (Bad Jazz, 2002) are not particularly creative.

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