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Fade/ Cliche , 6/10
Married 3 Kids , 5/10
Happy Already , 6/10

Sportsguitar is the project of Swiss singer and guitarist Oliver Obert and Swiss guitarist Roli Saum, backed by occasional partners.
Fade/ Cliche (Derivative, 1994) is an entertaining collection of "lo-fi" ballads, featuring a dual guitar attack that is not shy on feedback and improvisation. The band's breakthrough was the catchy ditty Gong Gong (Subpop, 1995), that became a college favorite when it was released as a single.

Married 3 Kids (Matador, 1997) sounds less spontaneous and surreal than the debut album, but still boasts amusing and noisy melodies such as Very Weird.

Happy Already (Matador, 1998) drifts towards a more professional sound, inspired perhaps by Jesus And Mary Chain. Romeo Goes and Look Shit are among their best songs, and among their silliest.

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