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Metallic Diseases (1990), 5.5/10
Brodo di Cagne Strategico (1991), 6.5/10 (mini)
Sinistri (1994), 6.5/10
Infrantumi (1997), 7/10
Infinitive Sessions (2002), 6/10

Starfuckers are an Italian post-rock outfit (eventually reduced to the trio of Manuele Giannini on vocals, electronics and guitars, Alessandro Bocci on sampler, Roberto Bertacchini on drums) that staged one of the most impressive mutations in memory. They debuted in the vein of Royal Trux's retro'-brainy garage-blues with Metallic Diseases (Electric Eye, 1990). Then they forged an original blend of jazzy noise-rock on the mini-album Brodo di Cagne Strategico (Electric Eye, 1991). Their true aesthetic manifesto was Sinistri (Underground, 1994), a tribute to the compositional techniques of the 20th century. Those principles shaped the more organic and expressive Infrantumi (Lessness, 1997 - Drunken Fish, 1998), one of post-rock's most cryptic and futuristic works, mixing free-jazz, cubism, dissonant avantgarde, musique concrete, Faust.

To cap the Starfuckers' career, the all-instrumental Infinitive Sessions (Dbk works, 2002) ran the gamut from funk-jazz to sheer noise.

Adding electronic/digital technician Dino Bramanti to the line-up, the Starfuckers changed name into Sinistri and began a new career with the dark and unstable Free Pulse (2005), followed by Timing The 183K Pulse (Utech, 2006).

Ordine '91-'96 (Sometimes Records, 2011) contains Sinistri, Brodo Di Cagne Strategico and rarities.

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